Babette Lepke is an authority in niche cosmetics and perfumes, being the passionate owner of a Skins Cosmetics store for over 10 years. Natural brands and a healthy lifestyle are her specialism. Babette travels a lot, always on the look out for new extraordinary brands and expanding her knowledge. A two-week summer school at the prestigious perfume college in Grasse (France) was the spark that set afire her ambition to create her own perfume.

Anne McClain, who she met years ago at a perfume master class in New York, assisted Babette in the process. They spent much time in the perfume workshop of Anne in Williamsburg NY, resulting in the basic formula of Babēl. The next step was to find a production facility that could meet the high standards of Babette. Naturally she found a small artisanal perfume producer in the heart of the traditional perfume industry of France: Grasse. Babette refined the New York born basic formula in the subsequent two years, resulting in the remarkable perfume Babēl is today.